22nd Annual Ride for the Fallen

22nd  Annual Ride for the Fallen

Your pre-registration items will be available for pick-up at Cowboy Harley-Davidson on the day of the event 10917 South I-35 Frontage Road, Austin TX 78747.

You do not have to be a CLEAT member or in law enforcement to be able to pre-register and ride. To pre-register as a non-CLEAT member, follow the new account instructions.

The only items available for pre-registration are shirts and patches. Other items may be available during on-site registration.

The fee for on-site registration will be $45 per bike.

You MUST register to ride. Proof of registration will be required to be in line. A wristband will be provided.

Refunds will not be issued. If you are unable to attend, your registration fee will become a donation to the Peace Officers' Memorial Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

 If you have any other questions please contact Carol.Whitfield@cleat.org

Online registration not available.

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