Interacting With Deaf Drivers- TCOLE 7887 (FREE: Gatesville)

Interacting With Deaf Drivers- TCOLE 7887 (FREE: Gatesville)
Mandatory TCOLE training for new officers and officers wishing to obtain their Intermediate certificate.

New Tool Distributed to Help Drivers Who are Deaf or Hard of ...

Interacting with Drivers who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing  - TCOLE 7887 (Gatesville)

Tuesday, August 25, 2020 (8 am - 12 pm) Morning Class


In 2015, the Texas Legislature passed SB 1987.  The bill mandated that new officers and any officer wishing to obtain an intermediate certificate complete TCOLE approved training related to interacting with drivers who are deaf or hard of hearing. This class follows the TCOLE curriculum for this training.

- The student will be able to describe the procedures needed for interacting with drivers who are deaf or hard of hearing.
- The student will be able to define the terms “deaf” and “hard of hearing” as defined in Section 81.001 of the Texas Human Relations Code
- The student will be able to demonstrate the techniques that can be used to interact with drivers who are deaf or hard of hearing and how the ADA may apply.
- The student will demonstrate practical methods of communication and aids that may be available.


TCOLE CREDITOfficers will receive 4-hours credit from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement

Hosted by: Coryell County SO
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Gatesville Civic Center
301 Veteran's Memorial Dr
Gatesville, TX 76528


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8/25/2020 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Gatesville Civic Center 301 Veteran's Memorial Dr. Gatesville, TX 76528

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