Calibre Press: Constitutional Use of Force (San Antonio)

Calibre Press: Constitutional Use of Force (San Antonio)
This eight-hour, reality based course separates fact from fiction about Use of Force and Human Performance Under Stress. The class includes a segment on Texas law taught by a CLEAT staff attorney.

Calibre Press: Constitutional Use of Force (San Antonio - CLEAT Custom)
Thursday, October 20, 2016 (8am – 5pm)

CLEAT is sponsoring this custom class so that officers may attend at no charge.

Customized for CLEAT, this evidence based course separates fact from fiction regarding frequently held beliefs about Use of Force. Are officers required to use minimal force? Does violating agency policy cause civil liability? Do continuum's help officers make Use of Force decisions? These questions and more will be answered based on established case law and objective research. 

The class also includes a block of instruction from a CLEAT staff attorney on Texas issues related to use of force and critical incidents.  

Taught by Danny King, a Street Cop, Use of Force trainer and one of the few Force Science Institute’s Certified Advanced Specialist. 

Topics covered will include:

 * Constitutional and Relevant Laws
 * Human Factors
 * Excessive Force
 * Use of Video Recording
 * Deadly Force
 * Electronic Control Weapons
 * Force and Disabled Persons
 * Report Writing
 * Preparing For Court
 * Use of Video Recording



: Officers will receive 8-hours credit from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (Now TCOLE)



UT Health Science Center
Greehey Children's Cancer Research Institute Auditorium

8403 Floyd Curl Dr.
Antonio, TX 78229

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