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A VERY SPECIAL EVENT ON SOUTH PADRE ISLAND! Combine Training with a Mini-Vacation at this popular summer destination.

When: September 24–28, 2021
Where: South Padre Island
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Traffic stops are one of the most common, and dangerous, actions performed by police officers. Regardless of where you work, if you have a roadway travelling through your jurisdiction – danger exists! This highly informative and powerful eight hour course, utilizes over 75 videos and illustrations while examining how officers are injured and killed during vehicle... Details
When: October 4, 2021
Where: McAllen, TX
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With the ever-growing number of kids using social media apps to chat with family and friends, there has been a jump in the number of online predators contacting underage victims for the purpose of sexual exploitation. Because of this, there has been a higher demand for law enforcement to take a proactive role in combating these online predators. More and more law enforcement agencies have been exploring undercover online chatting and sting operations, but the logistics can be... Details
When: October 25, 2021
Where: Georgetown, TX
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Being a female leader in a male dominated profession has its own distinct sets of challenges. Being a female leader in today’s climate has created more unique obstacles than ever before. Women in Command 2021 will focus on assisting women in becoming more effective leaders in a male dominated industry. Female leaders have unique ideas, insight and solutions. We will discuss the need for more gender diversity in order to solve the problems in their communities at large. Designed to... Details
When: November 15–16, 2021
Where: Ft. Worth, TX
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We open this two-day symposium by challenging law enforcement managers to think critically about the solutions. He’ll offer data, stats and relevant studies that highlight what we’re doing right and what we’re doing wrong as leaders of both organization and community. Jim will then begin the discussion on 1) how to successfully attract and recruit qualified applicants – including members of the minority community, and 2) how to retain your experienced officers in today’s... Details
When: December 1–2, 2021
Where: Denton, TX
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Injuries and deaths – to both officers and citizens – and damage that negatively impacts the police/community relationship most often occur during “routine” uniformed police duties. Street Patrol is one of the most common, yet dangerous actions performed by police officers. Responding to calls in progress, traffic stops, and citizen encounters are a leading cause of grievances and physical... Details
When: December 2, 2021
Where: Georgetown
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Female Enforcers is a one-day course specifically designed to address the 24/7 realities of law enforcement from a woman’s perspective. This inspiring seminar focuses on Gender Advantages and Disadvantages in the areas of Use of Force Encounters, Innate Instincts, Communication Skills, Physical Fitness and Training Strategies.

When: January 18, 2022
Where: Denton